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At The Sooth Concept we value and believe in the universal guiding principles of Customer Service & Care thus all our customers are assured of our highest ethics and best practices.
Our general services will include but not be limited to:
This shared tonal hue means that when the pieces are used together, they create a natural harmony in your home.
Our approach is pragmatic and starts with a consultation either onsite or online. We get in-depth understanding of customer needs and requirements.
We go to great lengths to assess needs, systems, core business functions, sales strategies, and desired customer responses. We determine how the idea and space will interact with one another and integrate the two to best meet your goals.
After the consultation, in agreement with our client, we usually engage on 3 main phases:
  • Conceptual Design: We find the perfect fit, determine what goes where, and allocate the functional spaces.
  • Design Development: We bring the design to life and provide you with mood boards, drawings, renderings and/or 3D models as appropriate.
  • Implementation & Supervision: We provide technical specifications for approval and support contractors/manufacturers in execution quality control.

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Our products are of the highest quality and are matched with an even higher standard of service during and after purchase.
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