Travertine Zen Harmony Dining Table

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Introducing our Travertine Zen Harmony Dining Table: A serene fusion of modern tranquility and timeless elegance. Crafted with precision, this square table features four rounded legs, offering stability and style for larger spaces. Elevate your dining experience with its harmonious design and natural allure, creating a centerpiece that exudes both sophistication and Zen-like tranquility. Ideal for grand gatherings or intimate meals, it invites you to savor moments of shared joy and culinary delight in a setting of refined serenity.

You can Customize the top or the base dimension and material

The default available dimensions are :

180cm x 180cm 22cm Diameter 75cm
Dimensions 120 × 260 × 75 cm
Top Material

Travertine Brown Filled

Base Material

Travertine Silver Unfilled

Top Dimension

180cm x 180cm

Base Dimension

22cm Diameter


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