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Dubai Luxury Hunters Home

Our interior design journey started with the Facebook page Dubai Luxury Hunters Home. Using her innate flair for design, the company founder began upcycling and selling furniture online to the local community. Garnering more than just praise for her furniture creations, those who came to collect their items were enamoured by her home’s unique, yet soothing style.
After falling in love with designing the homes of others, she ambitioned to make her interior design service professional, going back on-campus at the National Design Academy – thus starting a life-long venture with helping people rethink their homes in a way they can be proud of.
Creating a name for herself among the city’s home styling influencers, Dubai Luxury Hunters Home grew and adapted to the market. Soon after, The Sooth Concept and NaKeLe were born as an extension of her distinctive approach to design.


Founded from our distinctive design philosophy, NaKeLe is a collection of ethnic interior products that you won’t find anywhere else in the Middle East. Each of the items has been sourced by her expert eye or made by hand here in the UAE.
Embracing natural forms, the furniture stays true to the values that make up her signature look. Calming yet bold, the pieces can be used to totally transform a space. As the items are crafted from high-quality natural materials, the collection has a neutral colour palette.
This shared tonal hue means that when the pieces are used together, they create a natural harmony in your home.

The Sooth Concept

An interior design service with a difference, The Sooth Concept helps to tell your story. More than just choosing and arranging furniture, it is a holistic approach to design.
The brand’s distinctive methodology means each home is first evaluated for its natural environment. This means it can be designed with synergy to the space it exists in. Styling to help clients feel grounded in their own space, the service then takes a dive into your past, present and future to help define a home style that you can grow into.
The Sooth Concept is vesting as well into Commercial Spaces, where we already started putting our unique touch in shopping malls, with incumbent retailers acknowledging the competitive advantage The Sooth Concept provides vis-à-vis existing and traditional boutiques. Our team delivers end-to-end services from brand design and support in trademark registration to design concept, architectural drawings, authorities & mall approvals, execution and fit-out works.



The secret of our philosophy, balance is at the core of everything we do.
Understanding natural energy flow, we respect the environment of a space by leaving room for it to breathe.
This foundation of balance can be seen across all the Sooth Concept brands. From the layout choices we make, to the shape of furniture we create, and the materials we use, we always respect the natural energy flow within a space.
Leaving space for living, a home that’s well balanced will feel spacious, soothing, and above all, free.


Using only natural, organic, and high-quality materials means that our designs are built to last.
Selected carefully to enhance the user experience, each of our items is comforting to all the senses. Luxury to touch, to smell and to see, our products are fashioned to impress, while being highly practical. This means your home will feel grounded, rooted in nature and as alive as the people living in it.


Built into our DNA, we are naturally trend-driven.
Creating spaces that are in line with the period of time we are living in, each of our designs has a sense of place in the 21st century. This means we stay ahead of the curve, often sighting trends before they appear in the mass market.
Knowing that we’re on the ball, means that you can relax in the knowledge that your home will be crafted with true style.


A prime signature for Bespoke Interiors & Homes


Turn your space into a soothing place to be in, a haven for everyone crossing its door

Core Values

Customer Centricity
Creativity & Uniqueness
Reliability & Quality of Service
Speed of Execution
Ethics & Transparency

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